miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015

Un avión chino realiza una maniobra
A Chinese plane made a deemed "unsafe" by passing too close to a US spy plane in international airspace in the Yellow Sea maneuver. The incident took place on the eve of Xi Jinping's visit to US

A Chinese plane made last September 15 an unsafe maneuver during an air interception of a US spy plane, reported the Pentagon spokesman, Peter Cook, Reuters reports. The interception occurred 130 kilometers east of the Shandong Peninsula in the Yellow Sea.
In the incident he was involved a US RC-135 aircraft. "The pilot reported that he felt that the [Chinese] airplane passed in front of his nose in an unsafe manner," Cook told. At the same time, the Pentagon spokesman added that "there is no indication that it was a near collision". The Defense Department is studying the report of the incident, added Cook.
At the same time, the portal The Washington Free Beacon reported that the Chinese interceptor passed in front of the RC-135 "almost bumping against the aircraft." The portal also quoted two Pentagon officials who described the incident as an unprofessional and dangerous air interdiction.
The news about the incident coincides with the start of the official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the US It will include meetings with US business leaders, a gala dinner at the White House, and a speech at the UN. The visit comes in the context of bilateral relations strained by a number of issues, including disputes in the South China Sea, Chinese cyber espionage and economic policy.