miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

The US Government tarry want to force a mine and 161 hectares bordering the Area 51

Mina Grrom área 51

The US Air Force is bent on gain ground and the neighboring mine the military base of Area 51. Given the refusal of their owners, the case could end up in court.
The Sheahan family has owned the area of ​​about 161 hectares which is the Groom mine for 130 years. However, for over half a century ago it is a victim of the attacks by staying with the property.

More than once there were attempts to buy, but always received negative replies. So a few days ago the "last best offer" -from 5.2 million dollars, the deadline for response expires tomorrow, Sky News was published. "After making reasonable efforts to negotiate a sale," owners "rejected" the proposals of the Air Force, which was advanced with a request to the Department of Justice to initiate proceedings in the Federal Court, authorities said.

However, family Sheahan said position. First, they said that to begin a serious negotiation offer should be close to 29 million dollars. "He had never intended to give us a fair offer," said Ben Fox News portal Sheahan, adding that since the 1950s have been victims of "abuse and atrocities" by the US Government

In this regard, they reported that its mineral processing factory was bombed by a military reactor and that the property was sprayed by radioactive tests in the area.

"Our history is full of criminalities and immoralities perpetrated by our government against us," they complained. Even they recalled that in 2014, before the negotiations began, the Air Force had already obtained authorization to seize the land through an order of compulsory sale.

Today no one lives there, which is owned by Sheahan since their ancestors began to extract silver, zinc, copper, lead and small amounts of gold from its soil. For them these lands also have sentimental value, since here lie the remains of two relatives.

The negotiations did not come to fruition. So the only Sheahan await the time comes to face the demand to appear before the court and get a "fair solution".