jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

Ukraine closes airspace to 25 Russian airlines, including two that do not exist

Ucrania cierra el cielo a 25 aerolíneas rusas, incluidas dos inexistentes
Ukraine has closed its airspace to partial or complete form all Russian airlines, according to a document published on the official website of the Ukrainian president.
The list includes the largest Russian airline, Aeroflot, and its three subsidiaries: Donavia, Orenburg Airlines and Rossiya Airlines.

Moreover, Kiev sanction AK Bars Aero, whose license was revoked in January, and Polet, which ceased operations last December.

Ukrainian sanctions also affect 28 banks, several state channels and manufacturer Russian Helicopters.

Ukrainian President Piotr Poroshenko, said that the decision was made "in coordination with our partners in the EU and the US".

Meanwhile, Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for Russian President said that the expansion of Ukrainian sanctions against Russia will not benefit the economic interests of both countries.

However, Peskov said, "every cloud has a silver lining." "From this cooperation be diversified. [...] Can not be a gap here, as it will be quickly filled," the spokesman was quoted by RIA Novosti.