viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

US F-35 use Turkish missiles.


The Turkish company Roketsan Lockheed Martin and the US signed an agreement on the integration of cruise missiles SOM-J with the armament of the F-35, Roketsan reported Thursday. "The agreement between Roketsan and Lockheed Martin was signed at the DSEi arms fair in London," the statement said. Under the agreement, cruise missiles reaching SOM-J is installed in the inner anchorages F-35.
The first tests of the new system were made in the F-16s of the Turkish Air Force. Roketsan is the largest supplier of missiles to the Turkish Armed Forces; also it exports its products to countries in the Middle East, Europe and USA. Lockheed Martin, one of the largest players in the global arms market, specializes in aircraft construction and aerospace equipment, shipbuilding, automation of mail services and airport logistics