domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

Second Coming: The Concorde supersonic aircraft can return to the skies


The legendary Concorde supersonic aircraft could return to the skies within a couple of years through the efforts of a group of enthusiasts of this aircraft.
After 27 years of service, the Concorde made its last commercial flight in November 2003. Its owners, British Airways and Air France, was withdrawn due to high maintenance costs and low demand following the crash of one of these planes in the 2000. However, the Concorde Club wants to return to life for 2019, reports the British newspaper 'The Independent'.
The club, formed by expilotos aircraft and frequent travelers who enjoyed these supersonic travel linking London and New York in three hours, intends to buy two units of the legendary aircraft unaINVERSIÓN PRIVATE by 160 million pounds ($ 248 million dollars) available to you.
Several Concorde aircraft are stationed at airports in the United Kingdom and France, but all of inactivity. The aim of enthusiasts is to acquire a unit for use as a museum, to be installed on the River Thames in central London. For the second intended to restore it to fly again, but not for commercial but only private flights.