domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

The French Navy 4 vessels responsible for support and assistance at sea, BSAH.

Kership joint venture entity Piriou and DCNS, has been awarded a contract by the DGA (General Armament) French Navy to supply this country two support vessels and offshore support BSAH (Bâtiments de soutien et d'Assistance Hauturiers ) firm and as many optional maintenance associated with facing the deployment of forces at sea. The design and build a with a high degree of versatility and autonomy thirty days; while the other will provide the communications system on board and will be responsible for support for five years.

Kership capitalize the original experience in the OPV L'Adroit, developed by DCNS with its own funds and made available to the French Navy for four years. They will have 70.3 m. long, 5 draft and a displacement of 2,600 tons. The first two units will be delivered in 2018 and the other 2 in 2019 will have drive capability of 80 ton fixed point. and 14 knots. They will be equipped with a working boat 8m. and other semi and a crane for loading and unloading of containers 12 ton., also accommodating a dozen divers, carrying weapons and ammunition, supporting submarines in scale, has a fire suppression system and deploying a Pollution control barrier. The cargo deck is 250 square meters. and superstructure is zero, accommodating 12 passengers and 17 crew.

It has two engines and two 2650 kW generator sets of 300 kWe. Pirou works in construction, repair, marine engineering and services since 1965, specializing in medium-sized vessels of up to 120 m. in length, with a high added value through a combination of high performance engineering and a global network of manufacturing locations in Europe, Africa and Asia. It has delivered worldwide more and 400 boats. DCNS, meanwhile, won in 2014 revenues of 3,100 million euros, with a workforce of 13,130 people. Both Kership formed in 2013, controlling Pirou 55 percent and 45 DCNS, offering the market a wide range of vessels up to 95 m. for navies, coast guard, customs and scientific institutions