viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

The eleven new things to know about World Cup Russia 2018

Las novedades que debe conocer sobre la Copa del Mundo de Rusia 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that the World Cup to be held in Russia in 2018 go down in history of world sport and ensures that the country will do everything to get in the best shape to the participating teams and fans. What's new prepares the World 2018?

"We commit to organize a grand sporting event, which undoubtedly go down in history of world sport and the world of football," Putin said Friday, quoted by Tass, 1,000 days to start the World Cup. Indeed, Russia is preparing in the best way to welcome their World Cup. Here are some related developments and the most important football tournament data selections.

1. For the first time in the history of World Cup qualifying in the process of Russia 2018 World compete 209 national associations affiliated to FIFA. In the latest edition of Brazil 203 teams participated in the qualifying phase, while in the South Africa 2010 they made 204.

2. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, World Cup official lamascota Russia will be designed by students. So far ten people have chosen as candidates to be the talisman of this great sporting event, but in the second phase, which ends in November, students from 57 art schools in the country must submit their design of the ten characters, of which only three will be chosen and then only one.

3. In the Arena Zenit St. Petersburg, where a semi-final and the match will be played for the third place of the World Cup, has installed an innovative system that pumps 5 million cubic meters of hot air into the stadium . Thanks to this technology, in the sand temperature is constantly maintained at 21 degrees Celsius.

4. For the next World Cup travel time by train between Moscow and Saransk (capital of the Republic of Mordovia, in the center of the European part of Russia), which will host four matches of the group stage of the World will be reduced . The connection between these two cities will be about 9 hours, which saves two hours less than at present.

5. The legendary Juventus goalkeeper F.C. and Gianluigi Buffon for Italy aims to establish the absolute record of participation in the World Cup FIFA. 'Supergigi', 37, has defended the colors of his country in five world and to realize their goal of playing in the World Cup of Russia, would be the only player to have played six world championships.

6. The headquarters of the World Russian cities will have interactive multimedia equipment in public transport, train and bus terminals, bus stops, parks and other public places. With these smart devices tourists and fans can learn, among other things, the route to the stadium, attractions and entertainment district and contact emergency services.

7. The average distance that selections should go for the group stage of the World Cup of Russia is 2,816 kilometers, an average of 600 kilometers less than the last edition in Brazil.

8. The World Cup Russia 2018 has been declared free of smoke. In all events will be smoke-free World, said the Organizing Committee of the Cup, for which it is working on a series of programs in the host cities to prevent offenses in this area.

9. The first tickets for the matches of the World Cup of Russia will be available a year before the tournament starts. The second phase of ticket sales will begin after the group draw. However, FIFA has predicted that an amateur may attend a maximum of seven games and only buy up to four tickets per match.

10. Modern technological equipment used in scientific research ensure laseguridad of all the sports facilities of the World Cup. These teams, among other things, inspect the quality of the turf in stadiums, light intensity, emergency exits, the load capacity of the installation, etc.

11. Tourists and visiting Russian fans during the World Cup will have a single ticket valid for all public transport. The valid on any transport within the host city, one ticket will be active 18 hours load capacity of the installation, etc.