viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

The Russian system Zhitel 'off' drones with the push of a button


El sistema ruso Zhitel 'apaga' drones con un solo pulso de botón
In the framework of Russian-Belarusian joint exercises called 'Union Shield 2015' Russian electronic warfare units have successfully used the system Zhitel 'off' drones of his opponents.
According to the script of the exercises, electronic warfare units of the Russian Western Military District received the mission of neutralizing the UAV reconnaissance virtual enemy. And they met with success, reports the Russian Zvezda chain.

For this, the electronic warfare system detected Zhitel control frequencies of these drones and interfered in their management. And besides, he could destroy enemy drones control without interfering with the control of their own aircraft and unmanned vehicles.

This episode may seem minor on the international scale. Moreover it is quite maneuvers resulting in relative and conditional, since no tanks or planes are destroyed ... To see the real destructive power of electronic warfare systems Russians remember the recent cases of actual use.

What is reality?

March de2014: the inhabitants of Crimea organized a referendum to join Russia. A MQ-5B a US Army drone of Israeli production, is flying over the city (and the Russian naval base) Sebastopol, then transmit all the information to the base near the Ukrainian city of Kirovograd, where operators are.

Suddenly disappeared from radar screens and all contact with him was lost ... The Russian Avtobaza destroyed the communication system of this device with the operator, and then take control of the drone and make it land on its territory.

A similar case occurred in 2011, at the start of the civil war in Syria, where the US military had shot down by Syrian troops by one of his drone flying over the territory of Iraq. Actually this drone had also been sabotaged by the Avtobaza system, which had been supplied to Syria, along with other Russian weapons, according to contracts signed before the start of the war.

An even more convincing as to the latest developments in Russia in the field of electronic warfare history occurred with the US destroyer Donald Cook, which came in 2014 in the Black Sea with a mission to 'scare' during the crisis in Ukraine for which was equipped with a brand new anti-aircraft and armed system, among others, Tomahawk cruise missiles.

In fact, the crew of this ship was scared. A destroyer, full of powerful weapons and defense systems suddenly went 'blind' to turn off their electronic systems when he flew a patrol of Russian Su-24 tactical bombers, unarmed but with electronic warfare systems Jibiny activated.