domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

The Pentagon deploys a ballistic missile submarine in Scotland amid tensions with Moscow.

A US ballistic missile submarine has come to Scotland this week amid rising tensions between Washington and Moscow over the Ukrainian question and accumulation of strategic weapons by Russia. According to the US Strategic Command (Stratcom), the submarine USS Wyoming arrived Wednesday at the Faslane naval base in Scotland (UK) as part of a routine visit, reports the blog 'The Washington Free Beacon'. The visit "shows the proximity of security relations between the US and the UK, and our commitment to the collective security of all member countries of NATO," US military authorities explained in a brief statement.

In the words of spokesman Stratcom, Matt Miller, the visit was planned a year ago and no response serves regional events, and neither is "directed against any potential adversary in particular." However, the arrival of the USS Wyoming takes place in the context of the news of the construction by Russia of an "underwater unmanned vehicle" capable of carrying nuclear weapons several megatons and would threaten the ports and zones coastal US Wyoming strategic submarine USS Ohio class carries 24 Trident II nuclear missiles. Missile submarines are the basis of the US strategic nuclear arsenal because of their maneuverability and firepower.