miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

Has Greece prevented UN's attempt to assemble a 'Refugees' the Islamic State'?

On board a vessel detained while en route to Libya via Turkey, the Greek authorities have discovered a load of thousands of illegal weapons. The researchers considered the possibility that the recipients of the expedition were members of the Islamic State. Some experts do not rule out the illegal shipment was destined for jihadists that maybe are coming to Europe as Syrian refugees.
This September 1st Greek Coast Guard stopped a boat near the southern coast of the island of Crete. During the inspection of the ship he revealed that two of the 14 containers carrying cargo Haddad 1 contained illegal weapons. The ship was heading to the port of Heraklion, where after a thorough review found that the illegal cargo consisted of 5,000 police-type shotguns and nearly half a million rounds of 9mm ammunition. Another 12 containers were filled with boxes of cigarettes, even though according to the documents Haddad plastic containers are transported, reports local daily 'Crete Post.

The weapons and ammunition were hidden carefully in the bottom of containers. The seven crew (captain of Syrian origin, four Egyptians and two Indians) were arrested and charged with illegal arms trafficking. All have pleaded not guilty and say they were unaware of the illegal contents of the freighter. As stated by the captain, the owner of the boat is a Syrian who hired him for $ 2,500. Together they came to Egypt from Syria by plane and the captain took command of Haddad one to sail from the port of Alexandria, with 12 containers on board. The captain said two containers (which turned out to be weapons) were loaded at the port of Iskenderun (Turkey), from where the boat went to his final destination: the port of Tobruk, Libya. However, research has revealed that the freighter made a five-day stop in the port of Famagusta (Cyprus). Currently, the Greek authorities try to figure out exactly where the weapons were loaded onto a vessel.

The boat has Bolivian flag, but the identity of the owner and administrator is unclear. Currently, according to the documentation, and the company that owns a company based in Alexandria (Egypt) and another administrator based company appears Tartus (Syria). However, their phones are off and websites are inactive.

The research considers the possibility that the weapons were intended for members of the Islamic State fighting in Libya, the newspaper said. They could also have been intended to be downloaded in Greece and therefore be used in Europe. Said Karine warfiles.ru portal Guevorguiyan, political scientist and director of the magazine Haddad weapons freighter 1 might represent a "standard smuggling" of weapons 'Vostok', but you can not rule out the possibility that they were members of the Organization Islamic State for operating in Europe. "I think there is a connection between activation of EI and immigration crisis. [...] It would be very strange that the Al-Nusra Front and IE do not take advantage of the current chaos in Europe and not sent its militants not. These people will enter European territory and provide weapons, "the political scientist.