domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

Russian military show Putin's secret weapons of the future in major exercises of the year

Putin examina armas secretas del futuro
On Saturday Russian President Vladimir Putin witnessed how more than a hundred aircraft, air landing forces and artillery tested removing a terrorist group under the 2015 military exercises Centre.
Everything about this temaEn a polygon in the province of Orenburg (Volga Federal District), the president could directly meet the prototypes of new light weapons, including secret, the Russian Army, reports NTV.
Putin had occasion to talk with soldiers, who asked him to optical equipment sniper rifles modernize.

The president also chaired a meeting of the Commission for the defense industry on which the preliminary results of fulfilling defense contracts are summarized.

Putin said that 52 percent of the plan of basic supplies to the Armed Forces for 2015 has already been met armaments.

The president also stressed the need to replace imports in the military industrial complex, focusing on optical, radio-electronic and avionics designs.