martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

He had it all, but I had nothing.

I read about a person who owned everything in this world but in reality was nothing: "There was installed a phone chips in his castle, so the phone calls from guests and their domestic staff did not run on their own . He let known in the car to take him to save expenses meter. The windows and doors were barred his mansion. He hated this endless daily petitionary letters piled up on his desk, and envied those who they were younger and happier than him. This was Paul Getty, then, the richest person in the world. Under the title "The reclusive billionaire" British television presented a portrait of the American oil tycoon, whose name was mentioned with great respect by employers worldwide. Getty daily earning a million marks, at the expense of their high stakes in the major oil companies. But how this man lived? What filled his life? What things felt joy? In this lonely old man, you could see doing long walks in the parks, or gigantescasa rooms in the mansion, with its trained guard dogs. "I have much to do," he said. In his speech, on his face, on which only very occasionally looked up a smile contorted in his cold eyes, you could guess:

For him there is only money and business. Paul Getty was married five times. They abandoned their wives. For him were always business first. He had it all-and at once had nothing. "

Mankind boasts of living things and things that ultimately (in relation to eternity), bring no benefit, but they're missing. Everything earthly is limited by time, that is why the Bible says that has to be "undone". But eternity is not temporary.

The Lord Jesus warns us. "Do not store up riches here on earth, where moth destroys things and spoil, and where thieves break in and steal rather pile up treasures in heaven, where moth does not destroy or the things spoil nor thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also "(Matthew 6: 19-21).

It is necessary because, prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus, as if suddenly comes there will be more time for it. Come today, now, with all its sins and worries to Jesus Christ and ask forgiveness. He will forgive, he will give away his Spirit and put in his heart yearning for her appearance. And you, already a child of God: Wait "the manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ."